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Mexican visitors see Emirati culture at Sharjah’s pavilion at Guadalajara International Book Fair


Mexican citizen Margret wears the traditional Emirati women’s dress as part of her experience of Arab culture. WAM

Mexican author Zeth Arellano said that “This year, the Guadalajara International Book Fair spoke Arabic,” describing the impact that Sharjah had as the Guest of Honour at the 36th edition of the biggest publishing event in Latin America.

The massive success of the emirate's participation was also asserted by the thousands of pavilion visitors, who said that Sharjah’s diverse cultural events were the highlight of this year's event.


Margret, a visitor wearing the traditional Emirati women's dress, said: “I explored the whole of the book fair and being an art expert, the emirate's pavilion design, in addition to the artwork on display, including calligraphy and children's book illustrations, really caught my attention. Once I finished touring the book fair, I had to return to Sharjah's pavilion to attend the activities. I felt compelled to get this exquisite traditional dress, because its colours are similar to ours.”

SharjahBookFair-MexicoBookPatricia Villarid

Another visitor, Patricia Villarid, noted that Sharjah's pavilion enabled her to explore foreign cultures, saying, “We usually visit the book fair to purchase books and attend sessions. However, this year, it felt like we travelled to the Middle East and gained insight into their cultures, customs and arts. Now we are looking forward to visiting the UAE in future!”


Adding to Villarid's statement, Evan said: “The presence of Emirati and Arab culture as well as heritage in Mexico this year taught us a lot. Despite the language barrier, we learned about Emirati history, literature, art and their amazing heritage at the Sharjah pavilion. I even had a Henna drawing made on my hand that will serve as a reminder of the beauty and generosity of Emirati women.”

Mexico-SharjahBookFairIvan (left) and Adriana Padilla

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