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Divya Chakra ’22 presented at the Consulate General of India Dubai

Divya Chakra 2

Philippine artist Juria Ajijul with her painting. Kamal Kassim/Gulf Today

Celebrations that commemorate Indian Independence Day continue to be held in the UAE. On August 20, the Consulate General of India in Dubai and the Private Office of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi, presented Divya Chakra ’22, which saluted the spirit of India and its Independence that fell on August 15.

It was organised by Artoze, the award winning international online art gallery. Under the banner of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (Nectar of Independence Festival), the programme consisted of an art exhibition, live performances and live painting, among other projects. Those participating in the event included, besides Indian artists, Moroccan architectural engineer and painter Sarah Ahchouch and Juria Ajijul from the Philippines.

“I have been to India many times,” Ahchouch said. “The country has inspired me and so my paintings reflect Indian culture and traditions. I am honoured to have had the opportunity to display my artwork.” 

Harsh Didwania, one of the unflappable forces behind the event, and Director - Business Strategy & Activations of McFill Media & Publishing Group, of which Artoze is a part, spoke to Gulf Today in the midst of hectic preparations. 


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What made you interested in the arts and culture?

Art is a part of our everyday lives, even though we often do not notice it. From interior designs to the clothes we wear or cups we hold, art is integrated into our lives in every form. While most assume that art can only be seen on a canvas, it shows up in our lifestyle. The more I started to notice it, the deeper my interest in art and culture became.

How does art increase the visibility of a brand?

Art has entered the realm of branding exponentially these days. With art, brands can build a personal connection with individuals and their target customers. Creating bespoke and art-centric products has helped brands increase their visibility. Companies are seeking new ways to capture the attention and goodwill of the public in order to deal with the diminishing impact of traditional advertising.

Tell us why Artoze was founded. What does the name signify?

The name ‘Artoze’ itself signifies the meaning behind the company. Artoze has been created with a vision to help the creative community to amplify their presence with strategic opportunities. From art events, art magazines to podcasts, Artoze uses different mediums to promote artists of all kinds and all ages, in line with the vision of the UAE’s leadership to build a strong, creative economy in the country.

Divya Chakra (Sanskrit) or Divine Wheel had many components such as panel discussions, digital tribute, and Azadi Trivia. Can you brief us on them?

The digital tribute was a modem for everyone to send in their heartfelt tributes to the martyrs of Indian history, which were displayed on screens throughout the venue. The event also had the Divya Chakra virtual art exhibition, which featured artworks from more than 32 nationalities, as well as 75 selected physical artworks.

Azadi Trivia was a quirky addition that kept guests on their toes with tricky questions about India’s rich history and customs.  The panel discussion’s theme was ‘Artistic Excellence of India’, in which veteran artists participated and gave us a glimpse of how art is contributing to the betterment of society.

Divya Chakra 1  Moroccan artist Sarah Ahchouch with visitors. Kamal Kassim/Gulf Today

Tell us more about Divya Chakra ’22.

It was an event platform to bring diverse people together to celebrate India’s independence. It showcased the harmony and brotherhood of the UAE. As Dr. Aman Puri, Consul General of India in Dubai said: “The United Arab Emirates is one country in the world where it is also the whole world in one country.”  

How many artists took part in the event? Their nationalities?

We had a participation of over 50+ artists from over ten nationalities.

Was there a theme that linked the artworks?

The theme of the event was “Diversification”, which featured artworks of different forms, including abstract, acrylic, oil painting, water colour and so on.

What was the feedback on the event?

Give us some comments.People were captivated by the sight of different nationalities uniting to celebrate India’s Independence. Every Indian present could feel the closeness of Indian culture and relive special moments from their home country nostalgically. Seeing the participation of so many different nationalities in the celebrations made it a specially incredible moment.

How does Artoze interact with schools?

We work very closely with schools as the future lies in the hands of students. It is heartwarming to witness the thought process of kids, when it comes to arts.  The way they think and execute things is so different and yet amazing and unique! One of our main events, “CREATE”, which takes place in the first quarter of the year, is entirely focused on students in the form of a competition. We are also discussing partnerships with other governing bodies and regulatory authorities to explore ways in which we can help students unleash their true creative abilities.

What are the aims of your in-house publication, Magzoid, which deals in art and culture?

Magzoid is a luxury magazine that believes in providing comprehensive exposure in the art and culture fields by featuring different artists, their artworks, entrepreneurs in the art and cultural field, and individuals not only limited to the UAE, but throughout the world. With the advent of Metaverse, we are now on a mission to build a community of active creators who contribute towards the growth of this digital revolution of virtual assets and establish the UAE as a pioneer in the same.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

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