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Gerard Pique seeking huge sum of money from Shakira led to decline in their relationship

Gerard Pique and Shakira attend an event. File

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The shocking news of the separation of Shakira and Gerard Pique made headlines around the world, and most reports indicated that the reason behind the separation was Pique cheating on Shakira with another woman.

However Shakira asked to keep the details secret for the sake of her family.

A source close to Shakira's family confirmed that her separation from Pique merely economic, and said during an interview with the Spanish EsDiario that the singer and the football player had a perfect romantic relationship, but the problems began between them months ago and the reasons were only economic.

He explained that Pique once asked Shakira for a large sum of money to invest in other businesses, but she refused his request after the insistence of her parents so that their money would not be mixed.

He indicated that their relationship had strained since that moment and began with constant problems that ended in a separation between them, and the source also added, saying: "Shakira was holding on to Pique because he is the father of her two children, but she knew that she would never marry him."

According to reports, pop singer Shakira and Pique hired lawyers to deal with the repercussions of the separation.


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Pique’s contract with Barcelona expires in two years.

Shakira said she would like to continue living in Barcelona, so the issue of custody of their children is likely to be high on the agenda for lawyers on both sides.

Pique and Shakira had amassed a large joint fortune during their 12-year romance, and sources cited that their fortune amounted to nearly 700 million euros, so they commissioned lawyers to divide this fortune in half.

Shakira and Pique met at the 2010 World Cup, and soon after, the couple confirmed their relationship in May 2011 on stage at Shakira's concert in Spain, and in January 2013, they announced the birth of their first child Milan Pique, and in January 2015, their second son, Sacha Pique, was born.

During their relationship, the duo revealed their plans to stay together, although neither of them has ever expressed an interest in marriage, but they have taken care as much as possible to keep their relationship out of the eyes of the media.

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