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New art gallery opens in Dubai Marina


Dignitaries at the opening of the gallery in Dubai Marina.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

Modernist and contemporary artistic known for creating custom and unique art pieces have their own dedicated Sama L Ain Gallery recently opened at Dubai Marina.

The gallery official opening held under the patronage of Sheikh Mane Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Bin Mane Al Maktoum, in the presence of scores of dignitaries, celebrities, artists, media, and social media influencers.

The Sama L Ain is home to an impressive collection of contemporary and abstract art pieces. Featuring Modernist and Contemporary artistic custom pieces, reflecting the unique creative spirit of the artists while projecting their unique voices and stories. The opening highlighted the fine works of renowned talents including Brigitte Nataf, Fano, Lirone, Emmanuelle Rybojad, and NAHO.


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Talking to the media, Samuel Zekri Founding Partner commented “I guess we bring a new concept between luxury and breathtaking designs that no exist anywhere. Our artists and their collection is researched and created to be unique, not seen except in Sama L Ain Gallery. We always try to choose the best materials, best finishing, best design ideas based on the fact that we want our collectors to really have pieces that can only be created or found in our Art Gallery. The pieces represent the work of numerous renowned artists and it also serves as a bridge between artists and art collectors,” he said.

He further aid that they also wanted to bring what we believe is new in Art collecting too, the fact that some of our artists will create a 1/1 piece for the collector based on his desire, imagination or precise idea, mixed with the DNA and creativity of the artist. This piece will never be reproduced for anybody else.

Responding a question, he said “We want to create a real exclusive relationship with artists we believe in, therefore we want to also respect this exclusivity by engaging ourselves to do our best to promote artists that believe in us. We are nonetheless open to host exhibitions and new collaborations if the designs and ideas match our existing spirit and concept of course.”

Zekri further pointed that “We want to be present many art or design show, every spot that can be helpful in grabbing the eye of every modern art lover. We are a young team and very energetic we move fast and we always look for the opportunity to get more known and get new business at the same time.

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