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Coronavirus lockdown unlocks Dubai artist Mona Moheb’s creativity


Mona Moheb poses for a photo with her painting on display at the Members’ Exhibition in Dubai.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Hidden talents and hobbies are only discovered in the hardest of times. The coronavirus outbreak changed the way everyone in the world is working and living their daily lives, but the global pandemic also gave people across the globe plenty of time to hone their hidden talents.

One such case is of a Dubai-based artist, Mona Moheb. The lockdown period in the UAE gave a 365-degree turn to Mona’s life. “For me, the lockdown seemed to be a golden opportunity to unleash my creative side, by exploring new hobbies and talents.

“I have loved painting from my childhood and I always loved creating art. I started to paint in 2019,” said Mona.

“During lockdown I became sure that I have to start learning abstract professionally and after the lockdown was lifted I joined a professional abstract painting course and with each passing day I am more passionate and in love with what I’m creating.

“The lockdown period taught me that everyone is gifted but only a few people perceive it. And I’m sure that I’ll continue learning new skills to inspire my inner artist. Mona’s newfound passion paid rich dividends as she got a chance to showcase her four paintings at the Members’ Exhibition.

Mona-Moheb-750 In this combo photo, Mona Moheb with her paintings on display at the Members’ Exhibition in Dubai.

The Members’ Exhibition started at Dubai International Art Centre last week and will continue till Nov.7.

“I am an abstract artist and my paintings are instinctive paintings. I’m a very deeply spiritual person and as a result I always see my work somehow connected to God, spirituality and the world,” Mona added.

Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead uses shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect. Abstract art is often seen as carrying a moral dimension, in that it can be seen to stand for virtues such as order, purity, simplicity and spirituality.

According to a recent report, the Dubai Collection announced details of its first physical exhibition featuring a selection of its newly accessioned artworks that also includes pieces from the collection of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

Built through an innovative partnership model, the collection brings together exceptional works of art from both private and corporate collections for public appreciation and international scholarship.

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