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Yuvika Garg marks ten years as artist in Dubai with solo show

Yuvika 2

‘A Journey Together’ is the title of this work.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

Yuvika Garg is an award winning contemporary artist based in Dubai. A winner of the Staff Vote at Clyde and Co. Mena Arts Awards 2019, she was nominated twice for the prestigious Noon Arts Award, in 2018 and 2021.

Garg is currently hosting a solo exhibition (Nov. 1 — 15) at Pottery Barn, Dubai Mall. The event marks the tenth year of her life in Dubai as an artist and is a collection of her works with palette knife and mixed media. Pottery Barn’s mission is “to craft beautiful products in a way that’s good for the environment and our communities.”

In Clyde & Co’s Art programme, participants are invited to exhibit their work in the law firm’s offices in London, Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Montréal.


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The art the company displays is submitted by local art students, helping them to transition from art school to the commercial art world as part of their career path.

Clyde & Co also supports art graduates in their professional development, to enable them sustain their practice.

Noon Arts Award is organised by the Collage Talent Center at Sharjah Ladies Club. The prestigious award is presented to UAE-based female artists who work in the fields of painting, photography and digital artworks.

Says Garg: “I primarily work with acrylics on canvas using palette knife and mixed media. The interaction of individuals with the outside world and within their minds, inspires me.

“Perception and a state of trance is an art in itself. I explore different aspects of a person’s life, whether it is their experience in a new city, nature or their own feelings.

yuvika 1  Dubai-based artist Yuvika Garg is celebrating ten years as an artist in the Emirate.

“I believe paintings are about capturing the essence of moments, in a unique artistic style. Every blank canvas takes me into a new story and a new world to explore. As a result, each work has an art story to convey.” 

Kites is a piece that has been nominated for Noon Art Awards 2021. The work is inspired “by a sense of freedom. This work was created during the pandemic lockdown.

“Many people around the world were flying kites to feel a sense of liberation. This artwork is inspired by the beautiful gesture of individuals sharing uplifting messages with each other,” says Garg.

People flying colourful kites in the open sky, while they stayed grounded within their homes and spreading smiles, impacted her. The work captures vibrant and colourful kites in the sky tied with threads. Take them home: they will provide good memories amidst tough times!

Silver Lining — and we all know the saying about silver linings — underlines the inherent brightness behind every cloud. The work is based on positive thoughts and hope.

Dark shades and textures of the palette knife have been used to represent difficult times and chaos. But the silver lines pouring out from the top are a representation of hope and opportunities.

As commonly understood, every dark cloud has a silver lining. Implying that one should not feel hopeless, because difficult times always lead to better days.

Memories and Reminiscence was shortlisted for Emerging Scene Art Prize 2021. These works are inspired by the memories of family and friends from the artist’s childhood.

Through them, the artist emphasises the importance of relationships in one’s life and why one must always remember their roots.

Since, according to Garg, painting is just another way of keeping a diary, Memories and Reminiscence bring back happy and vivid memories to her. 

A Journey Together depicts a couple in a city. It is inspired by the artist’s experience of shifting to Dubai and calling it home. The work portrays a couple having walked quite long on their way to the city, depicting their journey as individuals achieving their goals. They look forward to their future and to making their home.

Garg counts French Impressionist Claude Monet among her influences. Monet was a key precursor to modernism and attempted to paint nature as he perceived it.

Another of her influences is Russian Impressionist Leonid Afremov, who created paintings, capturing the colour and life he witnessed throughout his world travels, with a vibrant, palette knife.

Garg  is also associated with social cause events such as “Empowering girls through education”, “Home Without Borders” and “Less in more”. She believes that creativity should be encouraged in children and she has worked with them in several events such as Young Women’s Leadership Summit, Joining hands, Al Amal, and others.

Garg’s work was also shortlisted to be exhibited at Emerging Scene Art Prize in Dubai, a leading platform in the Emirates that supports emerging artists through art events, exhibitions, curatorial projects and sales.

She was a finalist at Global Art Awards 2018 and has participated in various exhibitions locally and internationally, such as World Art Dubai, Fabriano, DIFC Art Nights, DIAC and International Watercolor Society, to name a few.

She was felicitated by Dubai Cares for her contribution towards providing education for children in developing countries.

“I like colours,” she says. “They add value to everything around us. Whether it is the colours in nature or different things around me like decor or a painting, they make me feel inspired and happy.”

The COVID-19 period has made her look within, introspect, and to focus on positive thoughts. It has also been a time of intense creativity for her.

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