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Video of man playing music to two geese at a park is blowing up the internet

A combo image shows Luby Liao playing the harmonic for the geese.

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A video of two music-loving geese is blowing up the internet.

The two geese named Qiqi and Fanfan were transfixed to a man playing the harmonica at Taiwan’s Daan Forest Park.

The geese, who made the park their home, are seen in a couple of videos gathering around a man playing his harmonica, much to the surprise of passersby.

The man playing the harmonica has been identified as Luby Liao.

A passerby commented that the geese are now popular thanks to a viral video.

According to Taiwanese media, Luby Liao was playing music with a harmonica at Daan Forest Park in Taipei, drawing crowds.

Among the songs he has played was the timeless classic "The Moon Represents My Heart" by Teresa Teng, referred to as "Asia's eternal queen of pop.”

It seems that two geese in the garden heard the music and jumped right in front of Luby.

The geese even started making accompanying sounds during the performance, which undoubtedly made the crowd go gaga.

It was as if the geese were part of a performance troupe with Luby.

In another video, the man gently grabbed the neck of one of the geese, causing it to roll back as if shocked by the sudden touch.

However, it didn’t seem to mind, as it returned to Luby soon after.

Yet in another video, Luby appeared to be playing just for the geese as he crouched down to their eye level so that they could see what he was doing.

At one point Luby stopped, the geese noisily requested him to continue, and Luby happily obliged.

The video has over millions of views on different social media platforms.

Jenn Dobrev commented on the video, “I saw this on Facebook. It makes me so emotional when humans play musical instruments to animals. ❤️🥰

I hope you are well, Sir. Wishing you happiness and good health~”

Sita Khongsanongtham said, “This is so cute. They're trying to sing along. 😍”

Shuster Girl wrote on YouTube, “Hello! This video has gone viral on Facebook, and someone shared a link to your channel on there! You did a fabulous job! Absolutely love it!! ❤️”

A resident who is regular to the park said, “Parks are the place many turn to when we need a break from our concrete forests to enjoy the greenery. And Luby is exactly doing that… his music will encourage many more to visit the park.”

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