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Dubai's acclaimed production house, 'The Company Films' wins big globally


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Year on year, the film and media industry in the UAE has witnessed quantum growth in its vision and achievements. At the start of the last decade, there were but a few filmmakers in the country. But now, the filming landscape has changed rapidly, with both the quality of produced content, as well as the scope of filmmaking opportunities expanding across the UAE. This can be seen with the rise in the number of production houses, directors, producers, crew, technicians, line producers and more – with many names being recognized internationally for their work.

A leading film production company in Dubai ‘The Company films’ produced a series of films named ‘The other side’ for the Abudhabi Media which differently portrayed the expatriate community in the country. 15 films on how people pursue their passion and ultimately happiness amidst the busy work-life. The narrative style in the films was done with candid, raw and realistic storytelling - capturing the sheer passion and drive that fueled the dreams of these 15 individuals in their journeys for the pursuit of happiness.

Dubai-Film-1 A still from a film produced by the company.

The films received wide-spread recognition among the viewers and went on to receive universal critical acclaim, bagging 60+ awards at various International film festivals. The series was acknowledged for the unconventional and disruptive mise-en-scene approach focusing on simple people who were actually living extraordinary lives - an informative and intriguing portrayal.

Rajeev Thottippully, Founder and Director of The Company Films explains the modus operandi of the vision. "We had 15 incredible stories in front of us, so all we wanted to do was to showcase these 15 journeys to the best of our ability," he says, "and what we realized is that by telling these stories, we would touch an emotion in every expatriate who lives in the UAE...encouraging them to discover their other sides and go beyond the expected path."

Dubai-Film A still from a film produced by 'The Company Films.'

Indeed, the bar has been raised by the UAE, with the global film community appreciating the content emerging from the Emirates. From big budget Hollywood films to web series, from documentaries to animation video production, all are being shot right from the UAE today. More importantly, UAE is now being seen as a great place for global filmmakers and creative talents to collaborate in a culture that fosters excellence. The recognition and acknowledgement fueled the drive of the filmmakers to attempt un-conventional filmmaking approaches, making the city increasingly appealing to the international film industry. UAE, being one of the first countries to open post the pandemic situation, has attracted filmmakers and film production companies across the world to collaborate with the production houses in the country to push the boundaries of conventional storytelling methods, and create films that stand a class apart.

Increasingly carving it’s own niche in the global media landscape, newer and wider horizons are being envisioned and achieved by the video production company in Dubai. The scope of filming opportunities and the production of quality content has been seeing quantum growth over the years. From what were but a limited number of filmmakers at the beginning of the past decade; the film production industry in the UAE has flourished manifold.

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