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Exhibition spanning 15 years of Banksy’s artwork opens in Brussels

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Two of Banksy’s street arts.

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For the first time ever, 15 years’ worth of Banksy art has been showcased under one roof.

A new exhibition titled ‘Banksy: the Brussels show’ opened on Thursday at the Deodato Art Gallery in Brussels, showcasing a line-up of 17 unique artworks of the anonymous artist brought together for the first time.


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The anonymous England-based graffiti artist is also a political activist and film director whose real name and identity remain unconfirmed and the subject of speculation.

All the works on display until 22 May 2021 are certified by Pest Control — the lone verification authority recognised by the artist.

Around 6,000 individuals have already registered to visit the exclusive show.

Deodato Salafia, the 51-year-old gallery owner and a Banksy collector, opened his gallery in November, a couple of days before the Covid-19 lockdown. He said, “It’s not a matter of lockdown or not, it’s a matter for the art galleries to understand that selling art and having people enjoy and buy art is no different than selling or buying shoes or other stuff.”

The computer scientist acknowledged that finding so many Banksy pieces was hard as a large portion of his pieces are normally separated.

The starting price of Banksy’s art at the exhibition is around £36,300 (Dhs183,975), and some of the pieces on display are “Donuts Strawberry,” “The Flower Thrower,” and “Love Rat” amongst others. 

Due to Covid-19, entrance is allowed with online reservation only.

Earlier this week, the artist’s painting called “Game Changer,” of a kid playing with a toy nurse as a superhero, an ode the NHS staff, sold for more than £14 million (Dhs71m) in London.

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