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Bhairavi Mistry feels art is to be enjoyed and promoted

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The grey of the bird’s feathers is echoed by the grey of the rocks and the clouds.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

Bhairavi Mistry is a UAE-based self-taught artist, art curator and consultant. Her independence has allowed her to familiarise herself with multiple styles such as hyperrealism, airbrush techniques, mixed media texture painting, Indian Madhubani style and Warli art, resin works and fabric painting (abayas, T-shirts, jackets, caps, etc).

As consultant, she works with hoteliers, builders, corporate offices and individuals who want to spice up the interiors of their homes and workplaces.


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She is associated with an artists’ organisation and has been helping artists market their work. Recently, she organised an art event in Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Airport Road, with the aim of projecting Dubai’s heritage and culture on the occasion of 49th National Day (Nov. 30 – Dec 8).

There were 25 artworks displayed by artists from different nations, including the UAE, Palestine, Armenia, Iran, China, Pakistan and India. “They showed the unity in diversity of Dubai through their artworks”, says Mistry.

An art piece should create a positive and blissful environment wherever it is placed, she says. “I want to promote emerging artists, especially young girl artists, through my exhibitions. I want to organise exhibitions and auctions with the young generation to motivate and encourage them to pursue art as a full-time career”.

Mistry has also organised art workshops for the mentally challenged, to support them. “In this way, we can give back to society, making someone happy for a lifetime. Art makes your soul smile. The more you give, the more you get through Art”, she says.

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She details her life and work to Gulf Today

How did you learn Art?

I inherited the passion for art and consulting from my dad. We had a family business of wooden carving; my dad was also an interior designer, with more than 25 years’ experience in the field.I learned about it while growing up and after completing my Diploma in Applied Arts, I worked as an intern with him. Right now, where I stand successful and strong, is because of his blessings and his support at all points in my life.

I have learned from him to never give up on your dreams and passion and to believe in yourself.

What are the basic qualities an artist should have?

An artist should have a vision of creating a blissful artwork that gives inner satisfaction and happiness to herself, the observer and the buyer.

This way, she will help spread happiness in her surroundings. An artist should be versatile, having knowledge of different mediums and styles.

What are the qualities an art consultant should have? What are his or her duties?

An art consultant should be knowledgeable about both past and contemporary art, and possess the necessary skills to evaluate all genres of work.

He/she should be capable of attributing authorship, defining authenticity, and providing a precise judgment of quality of each artwork analysed. An art consultant’s principal role is helping his/her clients understand the complex maze, which is the art world.

What linked the artworks shown at Le Meridien exhibition?

The exhibition was all about heritage and culture on the occasion of 49th National Day, to show that we haven’t forgotten our roots, even though we are moving in the new millennium.

There were artworks like traditional calligraphy, traditional styles of painting, and elements used in artworks depicting heritage and culture, with a modern touch.

You have learnt about many styles. Which is/are your favourite styles?

My favourite style is texture, as I get a different base to paint artwork each time. Textures are like using newspaper, tissue paper, clay, jesso, marble and ceramic powder. Textures give a 3D dimension to your artwork, creating a different artwork every time with different texture.

Is there a connection between folk art (Indian Warli art) and contemporary art (mixed media, for example)?

Yes, there is a connection between folk and contemporary art. It’s a connection between the past and present.

If a folk artist creates a contemporary artwork, there would definitely be a few elements and styles in her artwork, depicting her traditional style.

Why should art evoke blissful feelings? 

The artist creates art from the feelings of heart and soul. I feel a buyer gets connected to those feelings and buys the artwork. So, those blissful feelings create a positive energy, giving satisfying feelings whenever anyone sees that artwork.

No one wants to buy or have negative artworks. So I feel an artist is a creator of blissful feelings, through her artworks.

What are the main elements of Dubai’s heritage and culture?

The UAE is blessed with a rich heritage that encompasses architecture, sports, occupations, traditions, arts, crafts, food, places of historical and archaeological importance, lifestyle and values imbibed from Islam.

How have you lived through the pandemic as an artist?

People say this is the worst year; but they don’t see the things the year has taught us about the things which were lost somewhere in the hustle of daily routine.

It has taught us to appreciate life, value relations and most important, to love yourself.

Patience and a positive attitude have helped artists pass through the pandemic. Art is considered a therapy, as it is used for many purposes, to cure health issues.

Art gives self-satisfaction, contentment; it helps you forget the problems around you, and also helps others spread happiness.


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