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Blowing glass out of proportion: Inside artist Dale Chihuly’s glass bubble


A museum technician cleans the V&A Rotunda Chandelier by Dale Chihuly. Photo: REUTERS/Hannah McKay/File.

Niloufar Saleem, Staff Reporter


The 79-year-old glass sculptor from America, Dale Chihuly, is not just an artist but is also an entrepreneur.


Chihuly loves exploring his chosen medium of art, glass.


glass16  Dale Chihuly is seen working in his workshop.


The sculptor started his journey by working in a glass factory and realised how there is a lot of scope for the art to go beyond all boundaries.


He creates mesmerising pieces of art using glass, which have become showstoppers at events and places over the years.




Being absolutely unafraid of failing, Chihuly has a keen interest to try unique styles in his artwork.


Glass-art, which is usually confined to proper and fully formed vessels and pieces, got an artistic shift with Chihuly’s style, which breaks all barriers and makes asymmetric designs look beautiful.




He makes site-specific pieces, which keep in mind the space, lighting and the mood of the site.


Chihuly’s works have been displayed at around 200 museums all around the world.




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Over the years, Chihuly has been celebrated for many architectural installations.



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