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Yemeni artist with multiple disabilities uses art to channel her creativity


Asia is pushed by her sister on a wheelchair as she tours an art exhibition in Sanaa.

Niloufar Saleem, Staff Reporter


Art is a language of its own. It helps a person channel their inner emotions and feelings into a picture.


For 26-year-old Asia al-Dhabhani from Yemen, art is what helps her handle her life’s biggest struggle.


Born with several disabilities, including dwarfism and hemiplegia, Asia doesn’t let her health and her lack of normalcy confine her creativity.


asia12 Asia works on one of her paintings at her home in Sanaa.


Asia, who uses just one hand for her artwork, does paintings and explores the world of art in her home.


Asia conducts exhibitions regularly of all her artwork, spreading light and positivity amongst people, encouraging them to never give up.


Moved around by friends and family on her wheel-chair, Asia shops for all her necessities herself and makes sure her presence is felt wherever she goes.


asia13 Asia al-Dhabhani eats a meal with her family.


She aims at creating awareness amongst the Yemeni's on the issue of taking care and including people of disabilities in all sectors of life.




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Self-taught Asia’s commendable pieces of artwork have reached people all around the world as she continues spreading hope.

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