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Yacht rental UAE introduces new charter packages for the summer

he company is introducing new regulations and amenities for its yachts.

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Renowned luxury yacht charter company Yacht Rental UAE is gearing up for the summer season with a new range of charter packages. The packages are all-inclusive and fit varying passenger and event requirements. Top options include birthday bashes, overnight experiences and anniversary celebrations. The company has further announced its plans to provide exclusive offers for customers during the summer months.

Yacht rental in Dubai is widely regarded as a winter activity, and charters typically wind down by the end of March until September. Yacht Rental UAE aims to promote sailing activities even during the off-season with its latest package options.

The company is introducing new regulations and amenities for its yachts to retain customer satisfaction and convenience in the hot weather. Customers are encouraged to make bookings for the evening or overnight for more comfort. A highly professional crew will be available onboard each yacht to handle passenger needs.

Experts have customized each package the company has introduced for the summer. The package predicted to become the most popular is the overnight stay experience charter. It has inclusions like breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by a private chef, a bartender, water activities, drinks, and more. The 164 ft Code 8 yacht by Benetti is a top pick as it is ideal for long charter trips.

Similarly, the birthday package is highly recommended by the company. Some top inclusions are decorations, a birthday cake, and party food. Guests can relax in the yacht cabins during the day and enjoy the ambiance on the deck as the sun sets.

The company further describes the anniversary package as the ideal option for celebrating the special occasion during the summer. The top inclusions are flower decorations, wine, lighting and music. As per the latest customer opinion, the 110 ft Gems yacht by Tati is a top choice for the occasion.

Yacht Rental UAE’s initiatives show that summer can be a good time to visit the UAE too, despite the unfavorable weather conditions. The venture is aiding the growth of UAE’s tourism sector in a small but meaningful way.