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Federal Tax Authority meets standards of gender balance


Emirati women play a pivotal role in supporting the UAE’s development. File/WAM

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has succeeded over the past few years in meeting gender balance standards in its organisational chart, with women now making up more than 50% of the FTA’s team.

In a statement on Emirati Women’s Day, which is celebrated on 28 August of every year, FTA Director General  Khalid Ali Al Bustani said: “Since the launch of its operations, the Federal Tax Authority has succeeded in forming a highly qualified and professional team. We are proud of the significant role women have played, and especially Emirati women, in the Authority’s success over the past five years. Our team includes a distinguished group of female employees in all disciplines and at all organisational levels.”

Al Bustani congratulated Emirati women on this occasion, underlining the tremendous success they have achieved in all fields, setting an example with their dedication to performing their duties with the highest levels of efficiency. They play a pivotal role in supporting the UAE’s development and have proven their ability to assume responsibility towards their country and community, he added.

“We are celebrating Emirati Women’s Day 2022 under the slogan ‘Inspiring Reality… Sustainable Future’ as an affirmation of the impressive achievements made by women,” the FTA Director General said at the Annual Women’s Forum the Authority organised for its female employees to mark the occasion. “It is essential that we preserve their advancements, which they have achieved with the guidance and full support of our wise leadership. This, in turn, is an incentive for women to make even greater contributions to the national efforts to shape a more prosperous and sustainable future. Women are a key pillar of the nation, and they continue to prove, day after day, their competence and excellence in the tasks they perform.” He. reaffirmed the Authority’s commitment to implementing its policies designed to maintain gender balance in the workplace and build a sustainable future for Emirati women, in line with the UAE’s ‘Principles of the 50’ and the new approach to government work, as a means to maintain the national development process.

“As with every other field where they have excelled, Emirati women have played a pivotal role in developing the tax system over the past few years,” Al Bustani noted. “The Federal Tax Authority sought to implement a comprehensive strategy to manage its human capital and give priority to recruiting and empowering national tax professionals with extensive knowledge and great prospects for career development. The strategy has succeeded in driving continuous growth in Emiratisation rates, and in meeting gender balance standards within the FTA’s organisational chart, where Emirati women now make up a sizeable percentage of personnel, especially in leadership positions.”

The Women’s Committee at the Federal Tax Authority organised a series of events over the past week to celebrate Emirati Women’s Day, with a large number of its female employees participating. These included the annual Women’s Forum, as well as a panel discussion on ‘Inter-Generational Dialogue and Pioneering Women’, featuring  Hessa Tahlak, Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development at the Ministry of Community Development, and Sara Falaknaz, Member of the Federal National Council (FNC). The session was moderated by Amal Al Sahlawi, Head of the FTA Women’s Committee.

Emirati women in Emirates Group:  Emirati women in the Emirates Group represent a workforce of over 1,000 professionals in various roles across more than 30 departments.

From pilots and engineers who work with the world’s biggest commercial aircraft, to IT professionals, service ambassadors, marketing and data experts, commercial services and more, these talented and passionate Emirati women are vital contributors to the Group, as well as to the aviation and travel industries’ success and growth, said the Group in a press statement ahead of the Emirati Women’s Day.

Thanks to the immense support of the UAE leadership, Emirati women continue to break the norms. They defy the odds as they actively build our nation and contribute to the socio-economic development of our country.

Reflecting the UAE’s robust educational policies and the Group’s commitment and efforts to grow Emirati talent in their careers, over half of the Emirati women at the Emirates Group are employed in supervisory, managerial or leadership positions.

Emirati women of the Emirates Group, including long-serving employees who have seen the increasing impact of women in the workforce in the three decades since they began their careers, wish to pass on a message of encouragement and inspiration for the young Emiratis to join the aviation industry and contribute to its growth with their creativity, energy, and ambition.

As part of the Emiratisation strategy and long-standing commitment to developing Emirati talent, the Emirates Group has recently partnered with INSEAD, one of the most prominent business schools in the world, to offer its Emirati senior executives a chance to enrol in the Women Leaders Programme. The four-day programme will bring female Emirati leaders on a peer learning journey with women leaders from other global organizations.

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