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Businessman offers free accommodation to homeless during COVID-19 crisis


Ali Rao, CEO of Rao Holdings L.L.C in Dubai


The ongoing pandemic has hit everyone hard, especially those with no security to fall back on. The economic hardship has only increased in these times, with those dependent on daily wages being rendered homeless in massive numbers across the globe.

Inspired by the ongoing efforts of the UAE government to safeguard and take care of its people, Ali Rao, CEO of Rao Holdings L.L.C in Dubai, has come forward to offer free accommodation to those who have no roof over their heads during these testing times.

Rao currently has a capacity of 100 accommodation units that he wishes to offer to the homeless so that they can have a proper place to live in till things regularise for them to return to their respective countries.

These accommodation units are spread across Al Quoz, Jebel Ali and Muhaisnah areas of Dubai.

Rao has recently sheltered over 20 homeless labourers in Al Quoz area and wishes to reach out to more in need of housing during these times of struggle.

Ali Rao told Gulf Today that he felt heartbroken and thought that if he turned out to be a mute spectator, he would feel very small as a human being.

“I would not be able to stand in front of the Creator,” I thought to myself. “These are some very difficult times for all of us. But we can make it a bit bearable by doing the most that we can for those who need help. It was my basic instinct to honestly offer them shelter. I am sure anyone would have done the same.”

Shamsher Ali Rao has invested considerable efforts towards successfully establishing the Rao Foundation for social welfare projects.

The UAE business community continues to extend support to the country’s efforts to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) through various contributions and initiatives. The gestures of support by the country’s private and public sector demonstrate the commitment of its business community to aid efforts to fight the global pandemic.

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