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Empower fully prepared to meet increasing demand during summer


Empower relies on sustainable and reliable operating technologies.

Business Bureau, Gulf Today

The Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower), world’s largest district cooling services provider, has announced the successful completion of all required preparations at its district cooling plants across Dubai, to cater to the increasing demand during summer season with most sustainable and reliable technologies in district cooling operations and maintenance.

Empower explained that the maintenance processes have been successfully completed in all its plants, to ensure the continuity and quality of the cooling services provide to company’s customers across Dubai during the peak period of summer months. As part of its preparations for the summer season, Empower relies on its Command Control Centre (CCC) that measures the temperature in residential and commercial units accurately through smart control operations, as well as the regular maintenance of measuring devices, and checks of thermal sensors. This process provides a smooth flow of networks and machines, and ensures the readiness in dealing with emergencies.

The company assures its customers an uninterrupted and quality district cooling service, as Dubai residents are staying at their home at present as a precautionary measure in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak. Empower also hopes that the residents will wisely use the cooling services in order to avoid any additional costs in their monthly bills.

Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower, said: “The demand for district cooling doubles during the summer season, for about 70 per cent of the electrical energy consumption in Dubai goes for air conditioning. To meet this operational demand, Empower utilises cutting-edge district cooling systems that conform to the international standards, in line with our leadership’s vision to adopt sustainable development, which aims to reduce the rates of electricity and water consumption by 30 per cent, and make Dubai a global hub for the green economy with the lowest carbon footprint in the world by 2050. Empower also relies on sustainable and reliable operating technologies, which contribute to enhancing the sustainability of natural resources for us and for our future generations.”

Bin Shafar explained that the Company’s responsibility to provide Dubai’s high-profile projects with its district cooling needs requires the highest level of readiness to ensure high quality and uninterrupted service, by relying on advanced and eco-friendly technologies in the production of cooling energy, and applying AI-based solutions in predicting breakdowns and troubleshooting.

Bin Shafar also pointed out that the Company’s confidence in its ability to provide the services through remote working without affecting the service quality stems from the successful integration of the Command Control Centre (CCC) with the new Parallel Working Environment (PWE) technology, which enables the teams to monitor more than 100 cooling plants across Dubai simultaneously. The new technology, serving as a completely independent backup of the CCC, provides a holistic smart monitoring of all the operations of Empower plants in Dubai to ensure smooth, reliable and sustainable district cooling services across the Emirate. The PWE technology is introduced as part of the Company’s strategy that aims at increasing the efficiency of the Command Control Centre and ensuring uninterrupted district cooling services, with an ultimate goal to achieve highest levels of customer happiness and satisfaction.

Empower provides district cooling services to more than 1,180 buildings, catering to more than 120,000 customers, with a total cooling capacity of 1.53 million Refrigeration Tons (RT). The Company offers eco-friendly district cooling services to a number of high-profile developments, such as Dubai Waterfront, Bluewaters, Dubai International Financial Centre, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Palm Jumeirah, Discovery Gardens, Ibn Battuta Mall and many others.

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