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Malaysia’s new probiotics unveiled


Koji Tanaka, Mohammad Hasril Abdul Hamid, Omar Mohammad Salleh and Eiji Amano at the launch ceremony in Dubai on Monday.

Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

Kuala Lumpur’s new representative to Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Consul General Mohammad Hasril Abdul Hamid on Monday unveiled the latest Japanese beverage, produced in Malaysia, to help meet the health needs of the GCC market.

In his speech, Hamid traced the 16-year existence of the halal Yakult probiotics drink in his home country.

Hamid expressed hope that the Malaysian export will not only better the “very good bilateral trade relations” between the UAE and the South East Asian economy but also help improve the level of health and wellness in the region.

Bilateral trade relations between the UAE and Malaysia as of July 2019 was at $3.18 billion, according to Malaysian Trade Consul Omar Mohammad Salleh.

He explained to Gulf Today ‘reverse investment’ in relation to the enquiry on a Japanese product being produced and exported to the world from another country, saying, ‘reverse investment’ is a consequence of the ballooning global trade whereby governments, as per their respective policies and programmes, welcome foreign investments.

Salleh agreed that a primary reason for the export is Malaysia being one of major global halal players.

Launched on Monday was the Yakult Gold, which according to company’s managing director for Middle East, Koji Tanaka, is an improvement of their existing two beverages.

Launch was also done in Malaysia on Monday as the country commemorated its 56th Federation Day.

Each bottle contains 30 billion live Lactobacillus Casei Shirota strain (good bacteria) enhanced with Vitamins D, B6, and B12 as well as Niacin, Calcium—for gut health.

Clinical dietician Mitun De Sarkar said gut health is ensured with 30 to 50 billion live good bacteria each day which could be ingested with fermented food.

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