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Erdogmus, Ghosh share lead at 24th Dubai Open

GM Raunak Sadhwani (left) could only manage a draw with GM Dai Changren on the first board.

GM Raunak Sadhwani (left) could only manage a draw with GM Dai Changren on the first board.

Only two players remain in the lead after Monday night’s third round in the 24th Dubai Open Chess Tournament at the Dubai Chess and Culture Club.

Turkish prodigy Yagız Kaan Erdogmus and India’s Aronyak Ghosh were the only winners among the lead group to zoom past their more illustrious grandmaster counterparts and take joint leadership with three points apiece.

Erdogmus, currently the youngest grandmaster (GM) in the world and fourth youngest in history, continued his brilliant run after defeating Fide Master (FM) Erik Hakobyan of Armenia, while Ghosh, currently India’s highest-rated IM, scored an upset victory over Turkey’s GM Vahap Sanal.

Ghosh demonstrated masterful strategic play while handling the white pieces in a Queen’s pawn game. The opening moves followed a well-trodden path, with both players maneuvering for control of the central squares. Ghosh’s deep understanding of the position became evident as the game progressed, and on the 17th move, he made a bold decision: sacrificing a pawn. This seemingly small material loss was a calculated move, designed to secure a commanding presence in the center of the board.

With the central control firmly established, Ghosh orchestrated his pieces harmoniously, weaving a web of threats that gradually stifled his opponent’s options. The tension built as Ghosh methodically improved the positioning of his pieces, preparing for a decisive strike. His control over the center allowed him to launch a powerful offensive, targeting the weaknesses around black’s king.

As the game entered the late stages, Ghosh’s plan came to fruition. The attack on black’s king was relentless, combining tactical precision with strategic foresight. By the 27th move, the pressure was insurmountable, and black’s position crumbled under the weight of Ghosh’s onslaught.

The UAE’s IM Ibrahim Sultan continued his strong form in the tournament after a draw with GM Emre Can of Turkey to stay at joint second place half a point behind the leaders. Joining Sultan is second-seed GM Raunk Sadhwani of India, who settled for a draw with GM Dai Changren of China on the first board.

After being derailed by a draw in the second round, former Asian Chess Championship winner GM S.P. Sethuraman of India got back to winning ways with a 28-move victory over IM Khanim Balajayeva of Azerbaijan.

With this victory, Sethuraman increased his score to 2.5 points, comprising two wins and a draw, placing him just half a point behind the leaders.

In Category B, four players remained with perfect scores after three rounds: Yousef A. Alhassadi of Lebanon along with Indian players WIM Srishti Pandey, Taksh Sharma, and Vihaan Dumir. The UAE’s FM Ahmed Fareed settled for a draw with FM Bakhyt Temirov of Kazakhstan to join a big group of players occupying joint second place with 2.5 points each.  The fourth round will start at 5pm with Ghosh having the white pieces against Erdogmus on the first board in Category A, while Pandey and Sharma battle on the first board in Category B.

The highly anticipated Dubai Open Chess Tournament has attracted over 160 players from 40 different countries.


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