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Four UAE national team stars to compete in inaugural edition of World Padel League


Salem Alhouli joins the ranks of the Tigers.

Four UAE national team players will have the opportunity to compete in the World Padel League's premier tournament, which will take place at the Coca-Cola Arena from June 8 to 11, and test their mettle against some of the best players in the world.

The four Emirati players, Abdullah Ahli, Abdullah Abdulaziz Abdullah, Fares Aljanahi and Salem Alhouli, will join a distinct team in the unique global championship, which offers them the opportunity to compete alongside the world’s finest padel players in the World Padel League, organised in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council, Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) and Dubai Calendar.

Abdullah Ahli, ranked No 4 in the UAE, is a highly skilled player with remarkable victories, including the Nad Al Sheba International Padel Championship, the Arab Champions Cup and the GCC Padel Cup.

Ahli joins forces with the Cheetahs team, comprising renowned talents such as Ariana Sanchez and Paula Josemaria, both ranked world No 3. The team also includes sixth-ranked Fernando Belasteguin, No. 7 Maria Virginia Riera, Pablo Lima No. 10, and Miguel Yanguas No. 19. With this exceptional line-up, Abdullah Ahli is set to showcase his talent and compete at the highest level.

Abdullah is joining the Jaguars, led by the world’s No 1 players Alejandra Salazar Bengoechea and Gemma Triay. Alongside are third-ranked Carlos Daniel Guterres, Franco Stupaczuk (ranked No. 6), No. 19 Jeronimo Gonzalez Luque and Carolina Navarro Bjork (ranked No. 47). Abdullah Abdulaziz Abdullah demonstrates a commanding presence on the court and rightfully holds the sixth position in the country, as per the classification of the UAE Padel Association. Together, they form an exceptional force ready to leave their mark in the world of padel.

Aljanahi is the valuable addition to the Panthers. The team boasts an impressive line-up, featuring world-class talents such as No. 1-ranked Agustin Tapia, Arturo Coello and Beatriz Gonzalez, ranked No. 4 and 5, Lucia Sainz and Aranzazu Osoro, both No. 8, and Alejandro Ruiz Granados, ranked No. 14. With his exceptional talent, UAE’s eighth-ranked Fares Aljanahi belongs with top-ranked players.

Alhouli joins the ranks of the Tigers, accompanied by great players Marta Ortega, ranked No. 6, Francisco Navarro Compan, ranked No. 9, 10th ranked-Victoria Iglesias and No. 12 Federico Chingotto. Additionally, the team boasts the exceptional skills of 11th-ranked Juan Tello and No. 18 Delfina Brea Senesi. Together, they form a powerhouse of talent ready to showcase their prowess on the padel court. Alhouli’s remarkable abilities complement the team’s dynamic, solidifying his place among the elite players in the sport.

The inclusion of accomplished Emirati players, alongside 24 esteemed sports personalities from around the globe, contributes to the vibrant atmosphere that will ignite intense competition among the four teams.

Spanning across four days, this inaugural season of the tournament promises an unparalleled experience, blending the excitement of sports with mesmerising musical performances by a constellation of celebrated stars. Prepare for a captivating fusion of athleticism and entertainment that will leave spectators enthralled.


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