VIDEO: Richarlison teaches Ronaldo the dove dance, fans attack Irish legend Keane for criticizing it - GulfToday

VIDEO: Richarlison teaches Ronaldo the dove dance, fans attack Irish legend Keane for criticizing it


Richarlison and Ronaldo perform the dove dance.

Gulf Today Report

A video clip on social media shows the Brazilian star of Tottenham Hotspur, Richarlison, teaching the legend Ronaldo how to perform the dove dance. This is the dance Richarlison celebrated with after scoring Brazil's third goal against South Korea 4-1, which advanced the samba kings to the round of 8 in the World Cup Qatar.

But this was criticized by Irish legend Roy Keane of Manchester United.

Keane slammed the Brazilian players' dancing after scoring the goals and said that it reminded him of the "Dance" programme, and referred to "disrespect for opponents."

The Brazilian press launched a scathing attack on Keane.

The TNT Sports channel responded with a tweet, "Hi Roy Keane, don't you like our dancing? Stick your tongue, this is Brazil. Can you do what we do? Even Tite will dance here, whether you like it or not.”

The Brazilian Globo network also responded to Keane and reminded him of some failures in his career, describing him as a "butcher" after his goal against Palmeiras in the 1999 Intercontinental Cup final, his quarrel with Ireland coach Mick McCarthy in the 2002 World Cup, and his dangerous obstruction of Haaland's father, Alfie Haaland, which ended the Norwegian's career.

Botafogo coach Luis Castro described Keane as "ignorant" of Brazilian culture and ignorant of the close relationship between the national team's players and their coach.

However, the harshest response to Keane was from fans on social media, including: “Keane is a butcher who never knew how to control the ball,” and “Keane has not yet apologised to Haaland’s father,” and “Does Keane know how our former players look at the Ireland national team?” His opinion does not matter and does not change anything, let him go to hell.”

Presenter Orlando Kaiheroz said: "You are harsh on Roy Keane. If he was born in Brazil, he would have played the maximum period of 5 or 6 seasons and in Botafogo, first class for his life."

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