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Hegazy stars as Tennis Country Club Fujairah’s Open Squash tournament lives up to the billing


Abdelaziz Amgad Hegazy (centre) poses for a picture with Hania Reggi (left) and Jacques Harmse after the presentation ceremony.

Fitting the bill as one of the top sporting facilities in the UAE, the picturesque Tennis Country Club Fujairah (TCCF) hosted the Open Squash tournament 2022, attracting top-notch talent with thrilling battles on the court that kept the spectators on the edge of their seats.

What made the tournament more competitive was that the players with Professional Squash Association (PSA) rankings squared off whilst serving nerve-wracking, hard-fought clashes and treats for squash aficionados.

Players from across the UAE, representing various nationalities, competed in four different categories at the tournament, including the Open, A and B divisions, as well as the newly included Masters category.

One of the highlights of the tournament was the duel for supremacy between top seed Abdelaziz Amgad Hegazy (Egypt) and second seed Jehangir Khan (Pakistan).

Hegazy and Jehangir played with zeal and displayed incredible technical prowess, but in the end, the Egyptians proved strong and went on to win the Open category and lift the trophy.

In the A division, it was a sibling clash in the final, with Omar Afifi (Farah Momen Squash Academy) and his younger brother Aley Afifi locking horns for the honours.

Squash-group-photo-750x450Winners of the different categories and participants seen at the end of the tournament.

Omar overpowered his brother before facing some tense moments.

In the B division, Eeshan Sawant triumphed over Ras Al Khaimah's Anupam Pandey.

Shrugging off the pressure, the promising star held his nerve to prevail over Pandey.

The newly included Masters division was won by Morocco’s Mohammed Tarik, who defeated Ali Debaji in the final.

Impressed with the high level of competition, tournament director Jacques Harmse said: "An event's success is not determined by the number of competitors or the size of the crowd.

"Competitions are judged based on the level of skill, passion, and sportsmanship displayed by the participants. Players put their physical and mental limits to the test in an effort to win the different titles at the Open Squash tournament," he added.

Hania Reggi, Manager for TCCF, said: The success of the tournament once again gave us the chance to enhance the Tennis Country Club Fujairah’s reputation as a fabulous venue that promises a truly memorable squash experience.

"The Junior Open Squash Tournament will take place in Fujairah over the weekend of September 17 and 18, 2022, and we are confident that the emirate will once again show why we are becoming the preferred destination for national sporting events," Hania added.


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