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Dubai Club for People of Determination announces new season


Majid Al-Usaimi, CEO of the Dubai Club for People of Determination, speaks to the players.

The Dubai Club for People of Determination has announced its new season with new initiatives to motivate its members to produce their best in sports, cultural and social activities for the season 2022-2023.

In this regard, the Dubai Club for People of Determination has decided to award the most inclusive player with a car model 2023 at the end of the current season.

This was announced by Majid Al-Usaimi, CEO of the Dubai Club for People of Determination, during a ceremony organised by the club on the start of the new season on Monday evening.

Usaimi said the criteria to select the player will be his participation and excellence in sports, cultural and community activities that will develop his skills and enhance his values.

Points will be collected from each participation, and the player with the highest points will be awarded the car at the end of the season.

This new initiative is introduced to motivate the club members to give their 100 per cent effort in their participation and unleash their potential energies to achieve their ambitions at all levels.

Addressing the players, Usaimi congratulated everyone on the launch of the 2022-2023 season, stressing that the players are up to the challenge with confidence, and they are the ‘Knights’ in raising the name of the Emirate and Dubai for People of Determination in all continental and international forums.

“We have great confidence in all players to present a distinguished and ideal sports season and reap positive results that qualify them to achieve what we all aspire to,” said Usaimi.

The Club CEO also praised the efforts of the sports, cultural and community working teams in providing all the factors of success for the players and members, satisfying the ambition of the Club Board of Directors headed by Thani Juma Berregad.

For his part, Ahmed Mohamed Al Hammadi, Director of Sports Administration, described the new season as a busy one and said that the players have the potential to reach the podiums.

Hammadi praised everyone’s efforts, hoping that the players would achieve positive results that would qualify them to achieve the desired results in local, continental, and international tournaments.

For her part, Fawzia Albalushi, Assistant Executive Director, Director of Cultural and Community Activities Department, said: “We look forward to a positive participation in the new season, which is of great importance to reach the desired goal.”

“Everyone is up to the challenge to produce a good performance in all activities and achieve his desired ambition,” she added.

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