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Tokyo Olympics organisers vow to find solutions for breastfeeding athlete mothers


US soccer player Alex Morgan with her daughter during a match. Twitter photo

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Tokyo Olympics organisers said they have tried to find solutions to encourage athletes with young children after a Spanish synchronised swimmer said she had to leave her breastfeeding son at home, because her family would be subject to such drastic restrictions in Japan.

Family members were not allowed to accompany athletes due to coronavirus restrictions but later the International Olympic panel had announced that breastfeeding mothers would be allowed to bring their children to Japan.

The Olympic panel move had come after complaints filed by two athletes, Canadian basketball player Kim Gaucher and US soccer player Alex Morgan.

The Olympics participants are subject to stringent measures to minimise the risk of coronavirus infections and its spread beyond.


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During a news conference, the Olympic Games top official, Christophe Dubi, told journalists that as soon as we heard about the complaints (mothers not being able to travel with their babies) we said let's set and find solutions.

Breastfeedingmom-athleteAn athlete mother with her son during a practice session. File

Organisers have said an area in the Olympic village was available for breastfeeding athletes, but that the latter must stay in private accommodation. The captain of Spain’s swimming team, Ona Carbonell, has filed complained about the "drastic measures” by organisers that have made it impossible for her to take her baby, Kai, to the Games.

CarbonellOna Carbonell competes in the solo free artistic swimming event in 2019. File / AFP

Carbonell announced on her Instagram account to say she had to leave her 11-month-old son at home despite the appearance of some news suggesting the possibility that we athletes could travel to the Tokyo Olympic Games accompanied by our children.

Carbonell told Spanish media that mothers would have to leave the Olympic Village bubble to breastfeed their infants, putting their teammates at a greater risk as well.

The babies and caregivers have to stay at hotels. Tokyo Games spokesman Masa Takaya said that we were discussing how we could have a good balance between delivering the safest environment and meeting the special requests by the National Olympic Committees.

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