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VIDEO: 7.4-foot Chinese teenage basketballer reaches new heights with social media


Zhang Xiu shares light moment with her teammates.

Gulf Today Report

Chinese basketball player Zhang Xiu is not more than fourteen years old, but she has already caught the attention of millions around the world with her incredible height of 7.4ft (226cm).

Her videos went viral on social media sites showing how she steers her team to victory easily, according to media reports.

The giant girl's videos were admired by social media users recently, after footage spread of her helping her team win a basketball match held in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, China, during which she scored 42 points and extracted 25 rebounds.

During the match, the opposing team tried to stop the girl in every way, but failed, at a time when her teammates were trying their best to pass the ball to her by jumping only to reach her chin, as Xiu has the clear advantage of dunking the ball in the basket.

It is believed that Xiu will be the tallest basketball player in the world once she stops growing in few years’ time.

Xiu was 160 cm tall when she was in first grade.

She crossed two metres in the sixth grade.

The Xiu family is known for its love of basketball, as her parents are professional players, and her mother is a former member of the China women's basketball team. Although her parents are also tall, the girl is taller than them.

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