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Time is now for female athletes to gain global recognition, says Lebanese tennis star Sandrine

Sandrine 4

Sandrine Jabra poses for a photograph.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

In a world of sport dominated by men, women are marking their spot more and more as female athletes are putting on a show in various fields. 

Sharing her thoughts on International’s Women's Day, the former five-time Lebanese tennis champion and current sports figure Sandrine Jabra expresses her admiration to all women who are proving themselves in all fields including sports.

“The world is now open to us women to prove ourselves that we are more than capable to strive in all fields. Being a tennis athlete from a young age, I developed a big passion for sports which led me to cover key sports events. I am optimistic that we will see more women reach international recognition and become icons in what they do,” said Sandrine.


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Sandrine who now covers several kinds of sports as an Arab reporter is not limiting herself to one type. To name a few, she covered the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, hosted SPIA Asia which awards the best athletes in Asia, and most recently covered UFC 257 in Abu Dhabi.

“As an Arab reporter covering international sports events from various fields, I accredit my success to passion and the love of sports competition. My advice to all women out there is to follow their passion and success will follow. Doing the thing you love is a great accomplishment by itself. The next step is putting the hard work and commitment, because passion alone won’t lead you anywhere”, added Sandrine.

Sandrine 6 Lebanese tennis champion Sandrine Jabra. 

With the pandemic affecting everyone’s lives in different ways, Sandrine talked about being a working mom and how she is adapting to the current situation in the best way possible to balance between her personal life and professional one.

“The pandemic affected my life just like every person in the world. I am now putting extra effort to stay with my two kids and helping them with the online learning process. Life throws at us all kinds of challenges and the key is to know how to overcome them and find a way to continue doing what we strive for.

“If we have a goal in our mind, we should be able to find a means to reach it. There are always people telling us we cannot do certain things, and I always use this as a motivational tool to prove that I can.” added Sandrine.

With the society now more open than ever to embrace women in various fields, Sandrine explained that it is time for women to shine and this can only be done via dedication.

“The only barrier stopping us women to succeed is ourselves. The world is now embracing women and it’s our chance to shine, not being afraid to take risks. There is no limit to what women can accomplish and believe me when I say that fear of failure is just an illusion of our own minds,” she signed off.


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