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VIDEO: Indian woman does cartwheels, backflips with sari


A screengrab taken from the video.

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To the Indian woman, the sari is a symbol of her ethnicity, tradition and culture. It is the preferred attire during any major function, be it a wedding, a diplomatic event or even a social do. However, many Indian girls and women would rather don a casual top and jeans, a dress or a skirt for that matter.

But there are some things that you cannot do with a sari. You cannot run or play games or do any stunts. But there are exceptions. In a male-dominated world, women have shown that they are capable of doing things which were considered impossible — till now.

That means doing front flips, backflips and cartwheels with the sari! According to a report in a section of the media, gymnast and fitness influencer Parul Arora, who is based in Haryana, does not let her sari come in the way of her stunts.

Parul-IndiaParul Arora during a practice session.

She sometimes ties up with another gymnast Michael Singh for stunt videos. Arora, a national gold medal-winning gymnast, has made doing backflips pretty easy-peasy while wearing the six-yard garment tucked around her.

In September, hoop dancer Eshna Kutty's dance to Genda Phool while wearing a saree had created waves on social media.

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