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VIDEO: UAE teen shares his journey in world of international cricket


Mohammed Faraaz shares how UAE has helped him follow his dream of representing the country.

Niloufar Saleem, Staff Reporter

The UAE has always chosen the right candidate to represent this wonderful country, be it in the field of arts or sports; it’s always the best that shine brighter than the others.

“You need to be odd to be number one,” is 18-year-old Faraaz’s favourite quote, which he so often says to those around him, while he packs his cricket kit, and ties his shoes, all set for cricket practice at dawn while all other teenagers his age are snoring or just getting into bed after a night-long fun and enjoyment.

Mohammed Faraazuddin, who plays cricket for the UAE, represents the country in the U-19 category and has played 6 major international tournaments which also includes the World Cup 2020 early this year. Faraaz is now in the UAE senior team squad and is training with them regularly at the ICC.

In an exclusive interview with Gulf Today, Faraaz shares his passion for cricket, which grew along with him over the years and how the UAE has helped him follow his dream of representing the country and making him an inspiration to many others who look forward to a career in the field of sports.

 We started off asking the very enthusiastic lad about how it all began. Why he choose cricket of all sports?

And he sheds light on his early recognition of his talent, which thankfully his parents encouraged him to pursue, and still do, to this day.

“Thanks to my parents who recognised my cricketing abilities when I was barely 4 years old. They felt that I could do the overarm bowling at 4 and could handle the cricket bat the right way. Seeing my passion and agility grow stronger for the game, they enrolled me at the age of 6 in a cricket academy which is one of the oldest academies now – Young Talents Cricket Academy in UAE.

“Right from day one, I was under the guidance and training of ex-UAE international player Mr Shahzad Althaf. He has been in my journey right throughout, he has been a huge pillar of support in and out of the field and I pray that he keeps supporting me and being by my side till the end.


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 “We were ‘bowled-out’ by his casual yet, such passionate response. Seems like he was born to play cricket. On talking about his inspiration and role models, the teen told us something that maybe the rest of the world would agree with.

“Cristiano Ronaldo has always been my sporting idol. I admire him for his hard work and dedication. When it comes to cricket, it is none other than Indian cricketer Virat Kohli whom I look up to and try to adopt his playing strategies. These two sportsmen will always be my role models as I relate to them for their aggression on the field and love for their respective sport.

We must say he has his eyes on the right stars. We were curious to know what else could a teen of his age want? What are his goals? Where does he see himself going in the new future?

“My aim and goal is to represent the country at the highest level and be recognised as a promising player of the team by this year. To achieve my goal, I am already in the process. This requires a lot of hard work and dedication. I will be giving it my best to come up to this level and move even more ahead.”

While all regular teenagers are spending their time chilling and waiting for online classes to be done with, this absolutely inspiring youngster spent the lockdown days doing some real hard work and some serious practice.

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