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VIDEO: Lionel Messi’s response to Iranian boy goes viral


A screengrab of the child from the video.

Gulf Today Report

Arat Hosseini, a six-year-old Iranian boy has become the internet sensation due to a series of videos highlighting his incredible skills.

Arat has gained 3 million followers on Instagram.

In a video in which Argentine star, Lionel Messi broke social networks after responding to the video of Arat who flaunted his skills in a Barcelona shirt.

Arat is seen saying, “Hi Lionel Messi, I love you,” and kicks the ball in the video.

The footballer surprises Arat by writing “Thanks Arat!! I see a lot of class there, impressive! Hug!!”

“Leo Messi thank you for commenting on my video” replied Arat.

Arat wishes to play for Barcelona one day. He dreams about it every night.


He compares himself with Messi and wants be just like him when he grows up.

Arat always does his best to achieve his dreams.

His favorite sport is soccer, but also he has boasted of being very good in disciplines such as gymnastic, basketball and taekwondo.

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