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ADSC’s 6 female soccer players selected by Baniyas


Nicole Atiyah, Crystelle Feghali, Maryam Ayoub, Saja Khaled, Lujean Khaled and Jessica Stan are selected by Baniyas Club.

Abu Dhabi Schools Champions (ADSC) kicked off on Friday in Al Dhafra for the football, handball, volleyball and handball tournaments, with the participation of the Al Siddique School, Al Dhafra Private School, Al Ibtikar Private School, Al Ruwais Private School and Badaa Al Mutawa Private School.

In last week’s competition, six female players in Abu Dhabi Schools Champions were scouted into Baniyas Club in the U-14 category and they are Nicole Atiyah, Crystelle Feghali and Maryam Ayoub from Abu Dhabi International School and Saja Khaled, Lujean Khaled and Jessica Stan from Marryland International School, after they demonstrated superior skills and talent during the ‘Abu Dhabi Schools Champions tournament which was launched in October 2019.

Week 8 of Abu Dhabi Schools Champions witnessed intense matches in all group and individual sports.

In Football Cycle 2 Boys in Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Cricket Club hosted the Football Playoffs with strong competitions as Horizon Private School beat Abu Dhabi Indian School Al Wathba Branch 1-0. Marryland International School beat Virginia International Private School 6-0.

For football playoffs, Cycle 3 boys, the competition was heated with The Model School defeated Baniyas Private School 2-0. From their side, Al-Manhal International Private School beat Baraem Al-Ain Private School 4-3 and International Community School beat Polaris Private Academy 3-1.

In Al Ain football competitions for Cycle 2 Boys, the Emirates National School Defeated Al Ain Juniors School by 1-2, whereas Grace Valley Indian School defeated Dar Al Huda Islamic School 1-0. In Cycle 3 Boys in Al Ain, the Gulf International Private Academy defeated Al Ain Juniors School 3-0, whereas Al Israa Private School beat Dar Al Uloom Private School by 1-2.

As for Cycle 2 Boys basketball competitions, Baniyas Club hosted some of the basketball tournament’s most intense matches to date, with Marryland International School beating the Summit International School 16-6, whereas The Model School defeated Gems Winchester School 21-15.  In Cycle 3 Boys, The Model School beat the Marryland International School 34-2.

In the Girls Basketball Cycle 2 competitions, which were hosted at Baniyas Club, Al Bashaer Private School defeated Yas Academy School with a score of 6-2. From their side, Summit International School beat Al Irtiqa School with a score of 16-6. In Girls Cycle 3, ABC Private School defeated Maryland International School 10-8, whereas The Australian School in Abu Dhabi beat Abu Dhabi International Private School 4-2.

In Al Ain, Basketball Girls competitions held at Brighton College in Al Ain, also witnessed very strong matches. In Cycle 3 Girls, English secondary school defeated Emirates National School with a score of 20-4, whereas Future International School beat Dar Al Huda Islamic School with a score of 9-8 and Al Ain Juniors School beat Global English School with a score of 28-5. In the handball competition, Boys Cycle 3 competition, which was also held at Baniyas Club, Abu Dhabi Indian School defeated Virginia International School 3-0. From their side, Abu Dhabi Indian School Al Wathba had a challenging match against the English International Private School, which they managed to turn to their advantage and take the game with a final score of 5-3.

In the Gymnastics Girls Competitions which were held at the Armed Forces Officers Club, Yara Magdy El Naggar of Horizon School scored 9.9 points, while Bonita Sage of Repton School scored 9.88 points.

In the Swimming Cycle 2 Boys competitions, Kamalesh Gnanamoorthy Sathyam achieved a time of 17.03 seconds, whereas Fawzi Feghali from Lycée Louis Massignon School achieved a time of 18 seconds which was equalised by Tariq Muhammad Ahmad from the same school.  In Girls Swimming competitions, Malak Ahmed Ibrahim achieved 25 meters in a time of 18 seconds.

Hussein Murad, the CEO of Inspiratus, the organizing company for Abu Dhabi Schools Champions said:  “The scouting of the six female players from Abu Dhabi Schools Champions by Baniyas Club to undergo trials for their U14 girls football team is testament to the vital role the Abu Dhabi Schools Champions initiative is playing in elevating the level of youth sports in the nation, and the essential role the platform is playing in spreading a sports culture among school children and reinforcing the importance of sports for all community members.”

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