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Sharjah Youth hone badminton skills in Malaysia


Sharjah youth in action during a boot camp in Malaysia.

Sharjah Youth, an affiliate of the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators arranged a boot camp for badminton in Malaysia for their youth distinguish candidates. The camp is ongoing during this period till Aug. 31, 2019 with the agreement and support of the Emirates table tennis and badminton association who nominated sports affairs to host this camp.

The aim of this camp is developing youth candidates’ badminton skills by training in Specialized international academies, moreover, qualify them to achieve and reaches advanced stages in this sport.

The camp was attended by the manger Mohammed Kashwani, Tamer Ezz Aldeen as Technical supervisor, coach Mahmoud Tayfour, the photographer Mohammed Shafi and other talented youth candidates Hazza Salim, Ali AlShaibani, Abdulla Rashid AlNaqbi, Fahad Aljassmi, Mohammed Saeed, Mohammed Saif, Hamed Saeed, and Saif Ali.

This camp focuses on developing the youth skills in the basics of badminton sport by giving them heavier training during the 13 days in Kuala Lumpur the Capital of Malaysia. Youth candidates learned how to perform the most important skills required in different areas of the stadium, which includes the areas mentioned: in front, on the center and also on the back of the net.

The Youth candidates got to know the skills of badminton and the ways to play, such as throwing and hitting the shuttlecock (feathered used in the game) and defensing. Moreover, candidates will learn the important techniques of how to straighten the shuttlecock till the end of the stadium by using both sides of the rackets front and back. Youth Candidates will practice their skills and techniques by playing several friendlies matches.

Fatma Mohammed Musharbak, acting director of Sharjah Youth indicates and cares on developing the Youth skills and success during the period of this camp and instill important values in them by practicing sports activities. Besides, sharing as caring as team, taking their own responsibility and Independence. Moreover, Achieving and developing their skills in badminton sport which will make the institution knows the level of the Youth performance between the other teams.

Musharbak thanked UAE table tennis association on their cooperation and hard working on the boot camp in one of the academies in Malaysia, In addition, appreciating them on spreading badminton game on the Sharjah youth centers and the supervision on competitions organized by the institution throughout the year.

Musharbak said: We are continuously here giving the chance of the youth experiencing sports outside the country in a way that helps them categories their level and skills needed to develop; Reached to the success of sports which makes them proudly represent emirates of Sharjah in local and international competitions based on the strategies of Sharjah Youth which helps enhance their talents in participating outside the country.


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