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Pirelli puts UAE women in the driving seat to be icons for road safety


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Pirelli, the world-leading tyre manufacturer and a global symbol of Italian industrial excellence, is inviting the UAE’s female drivers to become icons of safe and tolerant driving with a special event to mark Emirati Women’s Day.

The ‘Icons of Tolerance’ event at Pirelli’s flagship P ZERO™ World Store, Dubai, on Thursday (Aug.29) is designed to engage Emirati female motorists, empowering them with enhanced knowledge and skills to be pioneers of road safety and tolerance on the UAE’s roads.

During the event, which will run from 6:00pm-8:00pm, at the P ZERO™ World Store on Dubai’s Hessa Street, female motorists will receive a complimentary tyre check and the opportunity to question Pirelli experts on a host of technical tyre safety issues.

The drivers will also have the opportunity to win a set of Pirelli tyres by taking part in a Formula One Simulator Challenge.

“This year’s Emirati Women’s Day is devoted to ‘Icons of Tolerance’ and we believe the UAE’s women, empowered with technical knowledge and skills, can be icons of tolerance on the UAE’s highways to improve the country’s road safety records,” explained Alberico Avogadro, Managing Director, Pirelli Middle East.

“Our chosen venue of the Hessa Street P ZERO™ World Store is particularly apt as this facility, the first of its kind in the Middle East, is aimed at providing world-class technology and service excellence, while enhancing road safety knowledge.”

“We are holding the event the day following Emirati Women’s Day to allow women of the UAE to join in other celebrations to mark Emirati Women’s Day 2019 and later take advantage of our own tribute,” added Avogadro.

The ‘Icons of Tolerance’ event will begin at 6:00pm on Thursday at P ZERO World, on Hessa Street in Dubai.

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