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Great country


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Hats off to the visionary leadership of the United Arab Emirates who made the country heaven for people from all schools of thought, that’s why people who live and work in the United Arab Emirates consider it their second home country (“In Dubai we are all equal:’ Racism drives Muslim professionals to leave France and settle in UAE,” May 17, Gulf Today website).

According to the report, after being knocked back at some 50 interviews for consulting jobs in France despite his ample qualifications, Muslim business school graduate Adam packed his bags and moved to a new life in Dubai. “I feel much better here than in France,” the 32-year-old of North African descent told AFP. “We’re all equal. You can have a boss who’s Indian, Arab or a French person,” he said.

The United Arab Emirates is no doubt a mini-world where people from more than a hundred countries live with love, respect and harmony. 

It is the best example for the whole world for unity, brotherhood where people spend their whole life with love, respect and dignity.

Shaheen Azmi, By email

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