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Great sight

Rain 4

The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Humanity was at its best in Sharjah on Wednesday and Thursday. Roads were flooded and residents were helping each other in whatever capacity they could. I was amazed to see many people helping kids and women in crossing the road. It looks like entire Sharjah has become one family. People were offering their food, juices, water, and many things to their neighbours.

This shows the character of a city. I had never seen such care for each other. So many people knocked at my door in 5 days.

They were carrying food items. People from Egypt, Sudan, India, Pakistan, Palestine, Bahrain and Emiratis came to my flat with lots of things. I got emotional seeing such generosity. I won’t forget these days. Despite going through a crisis, I felt I was safe and surrounded by my friends. Even my grocery owner was at his feet and till today he did not ask for payment. I had never experienced such a situation in my life but I learnt to help others also.

Zahid Hussain, By email

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