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Amazing place

Eid Al Fitr in UAE

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It is amazing to be in the UAE. Quality of life is great. Everything here is smooth and hassle-free. What I like most is availability of public parks in this country.

Every Emirate has public parks where residents go and enjoy their time. I am a resident of Dubai and I always visit parks with family and friends. During Ramadan we had an Iftar in a park on the weekend. The best part is that people here are very hospitable and they respect each other. I love it. 

I have acquainted with many people in the park and today they have become my friends. Now Eid holiday has started so I am planning to visit Mushrif Park in Dubai which is close to my home. I invited all my friends and colleagues on Eid break to the park. We chat and eat. Children also feel free to run here and there.  

This is one reason I love to stay in the UAE. Here we get lots of time to spend with family members and what better place than a park to meet in?

Shahid Ahmed, By email


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