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I completely agree with Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman’s view on social media. I appreciate what she said in an interview.  She is frank. I liked her frankness.  (“Olivia Coleman is ‘not brave enough’ to use social media,” Feb.24, 2024.) Olivia shared that she’s not on social media only because she’s “not brave enough” to use it.  Coleman told Sky News:

“I’m not brave enough. I know it would hurt. I’m not very thick-skinned, and so I don’t want to know. I would rather pretend that no one ever sees a film that we make, actually. It is not easy to manage emotions. The way social media at times starts chasing someone becomes really intolerable. I had similar experience when I had joined X (Twitter) years ago. I expressed my anger against a cricket player for not batting as expected then people started trolling me on X. I could not handle so much of criticism hence I had to quit. Then I realised it is not easy to be on social media platform.

Shakeeb Ahsan,

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