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Ameen Sayani

Ameen Sayani

It was early 1990. I was trying to understand how radio works as a small kid. It was fascinating to listen to the radio when no other source of entertainment was available other than black and white television. Radio was the only source for information and entertainment for us.

So many programmes were there on the radio but one musical programme “Binaca Geet Mala” was the most popular during that time only because of its host Ameen Sayani. Ameen was the most popular and loved radio show host and voiceover artist during that era.

His style of talking, voice modulation, choice of words was amazing. I remember we would wait the whole week for his musical programme. He would present popular songs of the week in his own inimitable style. He was the most loved artist of his time.  Today on Feb.21, he passed away at the age of 91. I feel sad. I grew up listening to him. And today he left us. I feel nostalgic about it. Sayani’s career spanned over six decades, producing and presenting over 54,000 radio programmes and 19,000 voice-overs for advertisements and jingles.

Tufail Khan,

By email

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