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Definitely Dubai

Dubair International Airport

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Dubai International (DXB) Airports has concluded a record-breaking year of achievements and extraordinary growth by welcoming 87 million guests in annual traffic in 2023, surpassing not only Dubai Airports’ own yearly forecast but also pre-pandemic levels of traffic. This remarkable performance marks the successful and ahead-of-time completion of DXB’s recovery journey, further solidifying its position as the world’s leading airport for international passenger traffic (“Dubai International Airports smashes targets with 87 million guests in 2023,” Feb.19, Gulf Today online edition.) 

This is indeed wonderful. I have been using DXB for almost 20 years and the way they function is amazing. I have been using DXB from 2007, and I can see the change. They have always been trying to improve facilities at the airport. I had been to many international airports like Bangkok, Amsterdam, Singapore but I found Dubai Airport always the best. This is the best airport I have found in terms of service.

Shahid Ahmed,

By email

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