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National Day

Events to mark the UAE National Day were held throughout the country.

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It’s another time of the year when UAE is getting all ready to celebrate the 52nd National Day. Luckily, I have my medium-sized UAE National Day dress ready to be worn on the 2nd to showcase my love for the country.

I am trying to ascertain as a secular Indian expat raised in Dubai and living for 40 years. Whilst jotting this I reminisce about the old and the new Dubai.

With the long holidays just around the corner, the public might be looking forward to getting a lot of things done.

Since we are a few weeks from celebrating Xmas this time as part of celebrating the National Day I will also be doing some Christmas shopping, and spending time putting up my Christmas tree although I am asked to work one day by my boss.

Draw close to December as the glamorous city of Dubai prepares to celebrate yet another festival. The residents and expatriates of Dubai are almost decked up and ready for that moment.

The National Day holds a special place in Dubai’s annual calendar, making it a significant day in Dubai’s history. Glitter, glamour, and celebration are part of Dubai’s culture and National Day, a celebration of patriotism and honour, is one of the leading events in this city of festivals.

 With great passion and zeal, the festivals of National Day are held with great enthusiasm with the participation of the public.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

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