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Happy time


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Zahra Fathima, By email

Come Monday, schools in the UAE are going to open after a long break. Schools are ready to welcome 290, 000 students all across the UAE. 14 new schools across various emirates are going to be opened as well.

I am sure children and teachers will be excited to be back to school. Now yellow buses will start plying on the roads of the UAE after a gap of almost 2 months. Chirping of kids can be heard on the roads. Life will once again start looking very colourful once school starts. Morning looks very agile during school days. We can feel hustle and bustle from the early morning.

It is wonderful to see children dressed in uniforms starting their day so early. It is indeed very inspiring and refreshing. We can feel the positive energy while looking at them. It is a sight to behold and it makes me emotional also.

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