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Advanced technology is moving very fast and gripping the world with its magical innovative tools. In the era of advanced technology, the knowledge of information technology has become the most important to deal with new innovations and enjoy new apps introduced by the many social media platforms (“Instagram may soon roll out its own AI chatbot,” June 7, Gulf Today website). According to the report, Meta-owned Instagram is reportedly testing a feature that would let users chat with AI (artificial intelligence) within the app. Leaker Alessandro Paluzzi in a tweet shared the development, claiming that the platform has an AI agent in the pipeline. According to the screenshots he shared, the chatbot will be able to answer questions and provide advice. Users could have up to 30 personalities to choose from.

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms and it is favoured by billions of users all over the world. The news from Instagram that it is testing a feature that would let users chat with artificial intelligence is good news for Instagram users who would love to interact with upcoming features.

Shakoor Ahmed,
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