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Summer vacation is to begin at the end of this month. Children and their parents are very much excited for it and are eagerly waiting for the moment. Children will get almost two months for the break.  Most of them will go back to their home countries to meet their relatives and family members. I have noticed these breaks help children to rest and come back strongly after the break. They also get to meet their family members and learn lots of things from elder members of their family.

That’s why I always feel vacation time is also a learning experience for children, but a different kind of learning.  They learn lots of things which might be useful in their later life.  That’s why I always encourage children to go and explore their life back home if they have free time.  Those who are in senior classes, might not be able to take a break because of their academic engagements, but younger kids should go and meet their extended family members. This is a golden opportunity for them.  Lots of thing we learn just by seeing and observing. Such things are not found in their textbooks.

Zikra Fathima,
By email

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