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Say no to crime

The Dubai Courts.

The Dubai Courts.

The Dubai Criminal Court that jailed a person for 3 years and fined him Dhs10,000 on charges of stabbing an Asian, after they quarrelled over the priority of having dinner, is laudable and people should think twice before committing a crime (“Man stabbed for not allowing another man to skip queue at order counter of a Dubai restaurant,” May 26, Gulf Today website).

People who are rude and unkind to others lose their control over themselves and commit crimes in the heat of the moment and face criminal charges

According to the report, the victim stated that he was stabbed with a knife by an Arab, after asking him to adhere to the queue and wait behind him until he finished ordering his meal, but the

Arab national got angry and a verbal altercation broke out, which ended with the stabbing.

The forensic laboratory report proved that the victim was stabbed in the abdomen, which led to an injury to the abdominal wall and muscles.

A policeman testified in the interrogations that a team of investigators collected inferences from the crime scene and spotted the location of the suspect who was arrested.

In public areas and restaurants it’s so important to be cool and kind to others because the cool behaviour always pays off.

It’s our social responsibility to be kind and helpful to others. The United Arab Emirates is a mini-world where people from more than 150 countries live together with love and harmony.

People are enjoying independence and rights in the United Arab Emirates. So it’s so important to strictly obey the rules of the country and live your life happily and respectfully and let others enjoy their life with dignity.

Usman Aslam,
By email

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