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Birthday party

Sultan Al Neyadi celebrates his birthday at ISS.

Sultan Al Neyadi, a proud Emirati astronaut, celebrated his 1st birthday in space with colleagues who have become family and shared his group picture of the birthday party in the space (“Sultan Al Neyadi celebrates 1st birthday at ISS with American, Russian and Saudi astronauts,” May 27, Gulf Today website).

According to the report, Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi celebrated his 42nd birthday in space along with his colleagues on Thursday.

Al Neyadi said, “Celebrated my 1st birthday in space with colleagues who have become family! Highlight of the day? A Maple Muffin top cake from the USA crew, a Cinnamon Bun with yoghurt and dry fruits from the Russian crew, topped off with wishes in Arabic. Truly a gravity-defying celebration!”

Sultan Al Neyadi tweeted two pictures with his fellow astronauts aboard the International Station showing the celebration.

Young Sultan Al Neyadi is an inspiration for the United Arab Emirates’ youth who made the country proud with his professional skills and hard work.

I would like to congratulate Sultan Al Neyadi on the special occasion of his birthday and wish him the best for a loving and bright future.

Khawar Usman, By email

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