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Children in Covid-19 pandemic

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The coronavirus is no more a threat to life, according to the World Health Organisation, but it’s there in the world which affects health, therefore, it’s so important to get tested for the COVID-19 disease (“Singapore’s Prime Minister tests positive for COVID-19,” May 22, Gulf Today website).

According to the report, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Monday he tested positive for COVID-19 for the first time after returning home from work trips in Africa and Asia.

“I tested positive for COVID-19 for the first time this morning,” Lee said on Facebook, where he posted a photo of a positive antigen rapid test. “I am generally feeling ok, but my doctors have advised me to self-isolate until I am asymptomatic.”

Coronavirus is now attacking people mostly over 60 years old so it is important to get COVID-19 tested regularly to save a precious life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed millions of lives and billions of people are still under treatment all over the world. The COVID-19 standard operating procedure is the key to avoid the coronavirus and be fit and healthy.

Isfaq Shah,
By email

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