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It’s so important to be careful with food and beverages from the start of life to keep ourselves protected from obesity. Obesity is the epicentre of diseases, people have to cope with it once they start encountering it (“Obesity can raise depression risk among children, adolescents: Doctors,” May 20, Gulf Today website).

According to the report, obesity has a huge impact on physical health, psycho-social and mental health, and can increase the risk of depression, especially among children and adolescents, said doctors on Friday.

Obesity is one of the fastest growing chronic health conditions, rising quite rapidly in children and adolescents.

The World Obesity Federation in a 2023 report predicted that in the next 12 years, more than 51 per cent of the world’s population will be overweight or obese.

People don’t take obesity as a serious threat to their lives. They don’t care about the obesity issue, that’s why they frequently enjoy fast food and extra usage of beverages, which results in obesity and makes their life miserable.

Nothing is more precious than a healthy life. To beat obesity a person has to change his or her lifestyle and daily routine. A daily walk is the best way to control obesity, healthy food plays a big role in beating the problem.

I hope people will change their lifestyle to be healthy and active, and to say no to junk food that contributes lots of calories but little nutritional value.

Usman Ghazi,
By email

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