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Incredible time


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I have come to Sharjah from Europe for a week just to see Ramadan in the UAE. I am in love with the vibes of the UAE. It is so spiritual being in the UAE that I can’t even express in words. My friend took me to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and I had a great time with them. I liked the hospitality of the people. Wherever I went, people loved me and extended dates, sweets and juice. I have never seen so much hospitality anywhere in the world. My friend always wanted me to come to the UAE during the month of Ramadan and I made it this time. Now I have decided to spend the full Ramadan here from next year. I will make sure I will come well prepared with my family.

It was amazing to see so many beautiful mosques in the UAE.  I offered my prayer wherever I went. It was my best feeling ever.  People here are also very cooperative. While roaming in the streets of Sharjah I made many friends. They were all from different nationalities like Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Uganda and Nigeria. They all loved me and offered me their unconditional love.  It was wonderful to sit and eat with people of many nationalities. UAE is indeed a mini world.

Shakeeb Aeyaz,
By email

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