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I am new to the UAE. I have come here for a very short time with my family. I am having a good time. I have come here from Belgium for a project. The work culture of the UAE is very good.  What I like most is communication from the government’s department. I am amazed at the way the UAE Government and their departments communicate with us. Now Ramadan is starting and we already have been communicated about the timings of different government departments. We know about the timings of DEWA, SEWA and municipalities.  I get messages from the traffic department about any route change very often and it helps me plan out my destination. Even social media is very helpful in the UAE. We get so much of news on this platform. This is amazing. Nowhere I have seen such smooth communication. I love this. This is amazing. I will definitely miss my days in the UAE whenever I return to my home country.

Shaekeeb Ayeaz,
By email

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