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Golden days

Bollywood Golden Era

Golden era of Bollywood.

I am a big fan of Bollywood films since my childhood. I grew up watching Hindi films. I remember we would watch films with family members. On every Sunday, I would sit with family members to watch films on Indian Television channel Doordarshan (DD). We would watch films of Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna and Vinod Khanna. Quality of films and songs in those days were very good. Even languages used in the films by actors were very graceful.

In fact, I picked up so many phrases and words by watching those actors in the films.  In my early days, watching a film was like reading a book. We would feel inspired. Films in those days would stay with us for a very long time, unlike today’s films. People would discuss stories and songs with great interest. Time has changed, so cinema too has changed. I agree it should change with time, but should stay relevant. Now, the charm of Hindi cinema is completely gone. We don’t feel connected with films anymore.  It has become only a source of entertainment.

Now, we watch films only for entertainment purpose. The kind of films we are watching these days hardly stays with us.  I think we will have to live with this change.

Vinod Jain,
By email

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