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Reliability issue

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Illustrative image.

I feel in the era of digital news and social media, respect and trust for traditional newspapers and magazines have increased by leaps and bounds. People have started banking only on newspapers. Most of the news on social media turn out to be either old or not true.  Even I have been deceived by fake news on social media a number of times. Therefore, I trust only traditional ways of checking the fact — going back to newspapers.  Many of my friends also have same opinion about the reliability of it.

None of them take news from social media seriously at all. I have noticed just for more likes and hits, some people post news without checking the fact and this has dent the reliability of social media for sure. I request users to be little sensible when it comes to sharing the news on social media. Otherwise social media is one of the most wonderful tools we have at this moment. It can be used positively for the development of our society.

Nivedita Debnath,
By email 

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