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Sania Mirza

It is very touching and encouraging to see Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi writing a heartfelt letter to Sania Mirza after the tennis star’s retirement. Sania played her last competitive tournament at the Dubai Tennis Championship.  Seeing such inspiring words coming from the PM is indeed a great feeling. I really appreciate Sania for her service to the country. She paved the way for Indian girls to join sports. She will always be remembered for inspiring thousands of others to believe in themselves and move ahead for a brighter future. Today we have lots of women players in every field of sports be it tennis, badminton, boxing or cricket.

Sania has showed them the  way. She made us realise that anybody who is willing to work hard can join and go ahead irrespective of gender. I thank Sania for always giving her best. Now she has joined as a mentor for Royal Challengers Bangalore for the ongoing Women’s Premier League.  Hope she keeps inspiring Indian girls. We want her to be in a bigger role for the country. Hope she can revolutionise Indian sports for the betterment.  She is an icon for India.

Gauri Verma,
By email

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